Stable INUS with Great Result

  • Vacuuming RF Needle system after skin up by edge line suction

The microcell is a strong RF energy transfer by inserting a needle of the fine size into the dermal layer. Fibroblasts and collagen fibers are stimulated through RF energy (70-80)which would help skin rejuvenation.


What is Vacuuming

1. Edge line vacuum is to make a rush of blood at the corners, the central part needle inserted is block the blood flowing at the moment that is available to minimize bleeding and pain, in particular, the area near eyelid and bones.

2. Micro Needling system :
Insulated micro needle stimulate collagen form and rejuvenate skin by the wound healing system.

3. RF Thermal energy :
As the 60-80℃ RF heat energy is delivered to the fibrous membrane that contribute to rejuvenation it can be expected to the lifting effect.

4. Needle Electroporation :
Needle Electroporation mode increases the absorption ability and forms transmission path of nutrients.