WS80A with Elite

The WS80A with Elite features with Crystal Clear Cycle™, an integrated solution for women’s health issues,
and provides effective diagnostic solutions for the most significant events in women’s lives.

CrystalLive™ is a new ultrasound imaging engine applied Samsung’s sophisticated image processing technologies. WS80A with Elite V4.01 incorporates CrystalLive™ 3D and CrystalLive™ Color, Samsung’s advanced 3D rendering and color technologies, to provide improved visualization and structure expression.


High Definition Volume Imaging™ (HDVI™) is a volume rendering technology that improves visualization of edges and small structures in volume data. HDVI™ provides upgraded marginal expression and image saturation with dedicated image sets for 3D/4D.

CrystalLive™ Color, Samsung’s advanced blood flow imaging technologies in color mode, enhances the visualization and hemodynamics of the blood flow.