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Our vision & mission

Being the leading healthcare company in Kuwait by partnering with health institutes and health care professionals , understanding their current needs, and anticipating their future demand , helping them to sustainably improve their quality of services provided to the patient and continuously updating their medical knowledge in order to be able to serve their patient in the best way.

Our purpose is to help everyone in Kuwait to live their best live , which is the healthiest one. Commitment, integrity and a long-term plan have been implemented and deployed for Al-Safwa team to drive high effectiveness and efficiency for long-term partnership.

We are one of the business entities of Al -Dabbous Projects Company as we are the healthcare sector in Kuwait. Al Dabbous is one of the oldest and biggest families in Kuwait, owning a diverse business portfolio across GCC and Europe from Automotive to constructions. Our head office located in Dubai. Our most important asset is 450 professionals from diverse cultures and different backgrounds.

Al-Safwa International was established in 2013 since its beginnings, our company has been keenly enthusiastic to contribute significantly to the upgrading of the medical area, and other corners in Kuwait and the Gulf regions. Since it is beginning has founded healthcare as an essential component of improving human development.

Al-Safwa International is subsidiary of Al Dabbous Projects was founded by Mr. Fahad Al Dabbous in 2013 as private holding & management company to optimize existing activities & develop new business ventures with healthcare being integral part of its coverage.

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Salman AL Abdullah Al Dabbous Cardiac Center

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Salman Abdullah Al-Dabbous Center was established in 2009 with a generous donation from Al-Dabbous Al-Karam to provide health services to heart patients in Al-Ahmadi Health Zone in particular and throughout Kuwait in general.

Since the establishment of the center, the successive departments of the center have adopted the principle of being a patient center of health care and treatment. Believing that this principle is based mainly on the interaction of the patient with the providers of treatment and health care, we had to know our patients better and many services provided in the center free of charge and quality, and we found the importance of educating our patients by providing medical information about diseases The heart of the patients of the center dear in Arabic mainly and professionally and based on the latest recommendations and medical information available.