Viora’s advanced, non-invasive products include the most advanced devices incorporating Laser, IPL and proprietary RF technologies. Viora has solutions that are suitable for all aesthetic practitioners, ranging from dermatologists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons, general practitioners, dentists to cosmeticians and Spa owners. Viora products are used around the world by over ten thousand satisfied customers.

The wide range of available technologies allow for the treatment of the most requested aesthetic procedures, including vascular lesions, nail fungi, hair reduction, pigmentation lesions, acne clearance, and acne scar clearance, while delivering the most effective results, quickly, safely, and with little to no downtime.

Apyx Medical

Apyx Medical, the innovative rising star in the field of advanced energy, emerges from the renowned leader in medical device manufacturing, Bovie® Medical.

Apyx Medical is poised to be a solution focused company in the cosmetic surgery market and the broader medical technology sector and endeavors to provide unique and creative solutions for the ever-changing needs of its physician customers and their patients.

apyx medical2


Lipocube™ is a medical device company based in London,UK, established to develop, design, patent, and market medical devices based on human fat tissue processing with applications in primarily in regenerative medicine, as well as other medical fields like orthopedics, cardiovascular.

Two patents have been incorporated, and two medical devices have already been designed, tested and produced with the participation of leading scientists and surgeons.

One of the devices is developed for mechanical harvesting of stem cells from autologous fat, and the other device is developed for processing of fat tissue to nano fat to be applied in fat grafting.


NOUVAG plays a leading role especially in the field of motor driven instruments for Dental Surgery, Micro Surgery and Plastic Surgery.

Every year, around 20,000 new appliances and instruments are used by customers around the globe. Thanks to intensive research and a high innovative potential, our small family owned Swiss company has succeeded in occupying a leading market position in the specialized market niche of medical technology.

Due to ever shorter innovation cycles as well as increasingly demanding legal requirements worldwide, highly qualified specialists are needed to enable Nouvag AG to maintain the leading position in the global markets in future as well.


Samsung Medison

Samsung Medison, an affiliate of Samsung Electronics, is a global medical equipment company founded in 1985.

With a mission to bring health and well-being to people’s lives, the company manufactures diagnostic ultrasound systems around the world across various medical fields.

Samsung Medison has commercialized the Live 3D technology in 2001 and since being part of Samsung Electronics in 2011, it is integrating IT, image processing, semiconductor and communication technologies into ultrasound systems for efficient and confident diagnosis.


MILLENSYS is a joint stock company and is a leader in medical imaging and healthcare solutions. MILLENSYS Solutions are medically certified with the most important quality patient safety certificates like “ISO 13485:2003, CE-Mark and FDA”.

MILLENSYS is contentiously improving and expanding its product line by introducing innovative ideas to complete its product line for the medical imaging and IT market.

MILLENSYS is widely known with its integrated solutions for medical imaging environment clusters, In MILLENSYS, we are searching for long term business partners to deliver our products and services all over the globe in benefits of both our partners and the patients that we serve with our products.



Since 1985, VOE, S.A. has specialized in the manufacture of postoperative elastic garments used after plastic and cosmetic surgery. We are the market leader in compression garments.

We stay in direct contact with both doctors and patients, who inspire us to constantly innovate and improve our designs to ensure the best possible post surgery results.

We are recognized for our use of high quality materials. We use fabrics with compression ‘memory’, ensuring optimum functionality throughout the treatment process, adapting to your new silhouette at the same time as offering comfort during wearing.